Foundation UnderpinningAre you planning to add storeys to your existing structure? Has your foundation got visible cracks? If yes, it requires underpinning. At Aquasar Waterproofing, we provide high-quality underpinning services in the GTA. Underpinning is a method that helps to strengthen foundation which is not able to safely support existing as well as planned loads.

We have completed many projects of underpinning in the GTA and continue to serve our client with the highest quality services. Our team of licensed foundation contractors is equipped with modern tools and techniques to complete every project to maintain structural integrity.

Why You Need Foundation Underpinning?

Not all kind of foundation damages need underpinning repair. It is mostly implemented when your foundation is entirely unable to support the structure that rests upon it. The common situations that need foundation underpinning are:

  • Downwards movements of land
  • Cracks On Building
  • Need Additional Storeys

We Underpin Your Basement

Mainly there are two types of underpinning, one is to improve the foundation system by enlarging the current foundation or by adding the new foundation. Another is to strengthen the elements of soil underlying the foundation without accessing the building. Our experts at Aquasar Waterproofing evaluate your building structure and foundation to implement the right course of action.

Benefits Of Underpinning Your Basement

  • Underpin with deep foundation elements
  • Stabilize sinkhole conditions
  • Improve weak soil below the foundations
  • Lowers the disruption of drainage systems
  • Enhances high load capability

So, if you are looking for cost-effective underpinning services in the GTA, we are your ultimate choice. We ensure to provide quality services to our clients. Feel free to contact us and discuss your project requirements.

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